5 Ways To Overcome Your Fear of Video

Believe me when I say, you are not alone in hating being in front of camera!  Whenever I talk about using video at conferences, I ask for a show of hands as to how many love being in front of camera.  There’s usually about 2 hands up in a room of 100 people!

Yet putting out videos of yourself talking to camera is a great way of building engagement with your audience, or showing your expertise and of creating a more personal connection with those who follow and are connected to you.

So, how can you overcome your video fear?


  1. Remember, Only You Are Bothered!

The reason most of us hate being on camera is because we are self-scrutinisers!  We focus on the way we look and/or on the way we sound (because who likes hearing their own voice?!).  The thing is, we are the only people scrutinising ourselves like that.  No one else cares.  They care far more about our message than about what we look or sound like!


2. Brainstorm

Come up with some ideas for what you can talk about on video.  It will give you more confidence that you have a reason to be in front of camera, and some great advice to share.


3. Practice and Relax

Chat to yourself about what you are going to record in your video.  Maybe jot down a few key points.  I’d definitely recommend going script-free, as it sounds very obvious when you’re reading from a script.  So, have a practice of what you want to talk about before you hit that record button. And relax!  The more real you are, the more authentic you will come across.


4. Record and Don’t Post

Record some videos without posting them.  Watch them back.  Have a think about how you could improve.  Could the lighting be a bit better?  Are you talking too fast?  Never worry about the little stuff.  I often fiddle with my hair in videos.  I can’t help it and if I tried to stop I’d probably have to record about a thousand videos to get the one when I don’t!


5. Hit That Publish Button!

Get that first video out there.  Once you start getting comments and likes, you’ll feel less embarrassed and realise that you’ve helped people by sharing your knowledge!  Plus, how rewarding is it to go out of your comfort zone?  And, let’s face it, out of your comfort zone is where success happens!

So, my challenge to you is to post a video if you’ve never done it before!  Please tag me too and let me know that you’ve done it, and I’ll be there with a huge round of applause for you!

My Social Media Focus For 2018

First of all, in case you haven’t heard it enough, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I truly hope this year brings you all the success you desire.

But, of course, success doesn’t just come from desiring it.  It comes from getting stuff done too!  So, I thought I’d share with you what I will mainly be focusing on with my own social media activity in 2018.

It really follows on from what I started to do in 2017 and that is VIDEO!  Video is such an important element of your social media activity now.  I have never seen as much engagement on my social media platforms as I have when I started incorporating video posts on a regular basis.  So, this will be something I’m continuing without a doubt in 2018.

I will be creating videos up to 1 minute long at least 3 times a week, and sharing those videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  The preference would be to have differing content on each of the platforms, but I know I don’t have the time to do that.  Better for me to get as many views of the same video as possible, than restricting those numbers by sharing it on only one platform.

It’s a good idea to add subtitles to your videos, as so many people watch without audio.  To do this, I use an app called Clips to record my videos on my iPhone (unfortunately, I don’t think there is an Android alternative).  This adds the subtitles as you are recording your video.  It doesn’t get them all exactly right, but just go back after and edit any mistakes, and it’s a really quick way of getting subtitles on your video without creating long winded SRT files.

The whole process of creating and uploading a video to each platform takes me about 5 minutes.  Which is why it’s achievable to aim for posting several videos a week.  I aim for a one take video.  They may not be absolutely perfect, but far better to post a good video several times a week, than never post a perfect video because I don’t have time to create it!

Another type of video I’m going to be using in 2018 is more LIVE video!  I ended last year by going live 14 times during December on my Facebook page.  I plan to continue this, but with a more focused approach and a live schedule.  I’m also going to go live more on Twitter, via Periscope, and possibly stream the same live broadcast to both at the same time to compare viewer figures.

And finally, I’m going to start creating some vlogs for YouTube!  For all I was posting short video content direct to my social media platforms last year, I created very little content for YouTube.  I have decided to start doing a weekly blog (video blog), taking you along with me to speaking engagements and training sessions, as well as sharing some social media and small business hints and tips!

That’s a lot of video content!  But video is going to be more key than ever in 2018 and can’t be ignored.  If you’ve never created a video for social media, it’s time to get started.  Believe me, there are very fee people in this world who enjoy being in front of the camera!  But the more you do it, the more you get used to it.  No one will be scrutinising how you look or sound other than you!  They care more about your message.  So, jump out of that comfort zone and hit that record button!

Planning for 2017 [VIDEO]

It might *only* be August, but I’m starting to plan for 2017 now!

The thing is, the plans I make for January and February need to be marketed within the next couple of months.  So, I have to start planning now!

There’s more about planning for 2017 in this week’s video below:

#BeeSocialMcr – Authenticity, Keeping it Real and Being Different

On Friday, I spoke at the #BeeSocialMcr conference organised by Creative Promanchester.

The event combined the two worlds of networking – online and offline.  It explored the differences between the two, and there were speakers on both aspects.

I decided to speak about being authentic on social media.  I have used the word authenticity a lot this year, and it is definitely the social media buzzword of 2016.  I didn’t realise until the day, how authenticity was actually at the forefront of the majority of the talks.  The talks I listened to focused on being real, whether in real life or on social media, and also being different.  In an age where so many people and businesses are using social media, we have to do more to stand out and keep people interested.

I really enjoyed the afternoon and it was a pleasure to speak at it.  I took snaps on snapchat of the afternoon, and have turned the snap story in to a vlog.  Unfortunately, my battery ran out, but I managed to capture a good bit of the day!

What Appeals To You On Social Media [VIDEO]

Do you pay attention to what you pay attention to on social media?!  Looking at what appeals to us on social media can help us to gain a bit of understanding to what our audience might be interested in too.  In this week’s video, I discuss looking at what you click on, like and comment on on social media!

Three Ways to Use Facebook Live For Your Business

If there’s anything new in social media that I think you should be trying, it’s Facebook Live!

You can stream live through the Facebook app on mobile or tablet, on your personal profile, your business page, a group you are a member of or an event page.  You choose to ‘go live’ and your live stream will appear on the Facebook feed of those you are friends with, those who like your page, those within your group, or those who have responded to your event, depending on where you live stream from.

fb live


The thing about Facebook Live is it is authentic and real.  There’s no editing or professional video equipment used.  The majority of businesses won’t go live, because it’s scary, it could go wrong, or because they don’t have the confidence to be live.  Social media is very much about doing what other businesses won’t in order to stand out.  Which means adopting Facebook Live will really help you to stand out on Facebook.  And Facebook are giving high volume of reach to live events, and the recording after (which is still available on feeds and on your timeline).  It’s definitely worth doing!

10 Ways to Make Snapchat Work For Your Business (3)

So, how can businesses use Facebook Live?  Here’s three ideas for you!

  1. Share Knowledge

Promote a live broadcast ahead of it happening.  Email your list.  Promote through all social media.  And tell them what you will be talking about in your live broadcast.  Then share that knowledge.  Keep it relatively brief.  How long will people be willing to watch that video for?  It depends on the knowledge shared and how high value it is to them.  But I would suggest that between 3 and 10 minutes is optimum.  You could also run a series, point 1 the first day, point 2 the second, and so on for however many points you wish to share.

2. Interview An Expert

Facebook Live is interactive and live viewers can post comments during the live stream.  You could encourage your audience to ask questions of an expert, either someone within your business or an external expert.  Plan your own questions and interview them, so that you are not in silence while waiting for questions to come in.  Again, you can promote the broadcast ahead of it taking place.  And you could ask for questions ahead of the session via all social media platforms, and emails to your list.

3. Go Behind The Scenes

Take your audience behind the scenes at your business.  You could use it to build excitement for a new product or service that you are working on, and is set for release in the near future.  Or to introduce your employees.  Or to give them a taste of what it’s like to work there, the environment, the people.  Or to work through the process of your service delivery.  It’s a great opportunity to build a relationship between your audience and your company, taking them live behind the scenes.

What live broadcasts have you been engaged by?  Are you thinking of giving live broadcasts a go?

Engaging People With Your Content [VIDEO]

I hosted a webinar this week, and thought I’d share a snippet of the recording. The webinar was about creating engaging content, and this step focuses on the engagement side and how to encourage response from your content, and why that is so important!

Knowing Your Target Audience

Knowing your Target Audience

Your target audience is who you want to be ‘listening’ to you on social media. So, do you know who yours is? And are you generating content that appeals to them. In this week’s vlog, I talk about the importance of understanding who your target audience is.

As I mentioned in my Vlog I have a CREATING ENGAGING CONTENT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA online course which includes 9 key modules!

Content Includes :

  • how to stand out on social media with your content
  • how to engage with your followers
  • how to build effective relationships with your customers and prospects
  • how to increase awareness of your brand
  • how to increase web traffic to your web page with fantastic content
  • plus I share 30 different content ideas for you to use!