A Few Things That Are Coming Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog!  I won’t list a million different excuses here.  Instead, I thought I’d do an update on a few things that are happening that you may be interested in!

  1. Speaking Engagements

I’ve been so busy with numerous different speaking engagements recently.  Many of them have been private events.  But, I thought I’d let you know about one I’m doing in Manchester on 6th July. Big Social Media Conference is an event filled with fantastic social media speakers.  I will be speaking about Stopping The Social Media Bore.  If you fancy coming along, book your place here: BIG SOCIAL.


2. My Own Event

I’m busy squirrelling away at an event I’m hosting on 11th September.  The finer details haven’t been confirmed as yet.  But what I can let you know is that it will be a two hour event, in which I’m going to pack as much value as I possibly can!  Plus, each attendee will receive one of my new courses for free!  Speaking of which…


3. Online Courses

I’m in the process of creating a full range of online short courses in different topics around social media.  These will be launched at the event on 11th September.


4. Growing A Baby

And that event will be my last for a few months, as I’m currently growing baby number three!!  Which is why I wanted to have a range of courses available for anyone who was interested in learning while I’m on maternity leave.


On top of this, my diary is getting really busy with in-house training ahead of maternity leave.  So, if you would like me to come to your business to deliver training, get in touch asap!!


#BeeSocialMcr – Authenticity, Keeping it Real and Being Different

On Friday, I spoke at the #BeeSocialMcr conference organised by Creative Promanchester.

The event combined the two worlds of networking – online and offline.  It explored the differences between the two, and there were speakers on both aspects.

I decided to speak about being authentic on social media.  I have used the word authenticity a lot this year, and it is definitely the social media buzzword of 2016.  I didn’t realise until the day, how authenticity was actually at the forefront of the majority of the talks.  The talks I listened to focused on being real, whether in real life or on social media, and also being different.  In an age where so many people and businesses are using social media, we have to do more to stand out and keep people interested.

I really enjoyed the afternoon and it was a pleasure to speak at it.  I took snaps on snapchat of the afternoon, and have turned the snap story in to a vlog.  Unfortunately, my battery ran out, but I managed to capture a good bit of the day!