A Few Things That Are Coming Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog!  I won’t list a million different excuses here.  Instead, I thought I’d do an update on a few things that are happening that you may be interested in!

  1. Speaking Engagements

I’ve been so busy with numerous different speaking engagements recently.  Many of them have been private events.  But, I thought I’d let you know about one I’m doing in Manchester on 6th July. Big Social Media Conference is an event filled with fantastic social media speakers.  I will be speaking about Stopping The Social Media Bore.  If you fancy coming along, book your place here: BIG SOCIAL.


2. My Own Event

I’m busy squirrelling away at an event I’m hosting on 11th September.  The finer details haven’t been confirmed as yet.  But what I can let you know is that it will be a two hour event, in which I’m going to pack as much value as I possibly can!  Plus, each attendee will receive one of my new courses for free!  Speaking of which…


3. Online Courses

I’m in the process of creating a full range of online short courses in different topics around social media.  These will be launched at the event on 11th September.


4. Growing A Baby

And that event will be my last for a few months, as I’m currently growing baby number three!!  Which is why I wanted to have a range of courses available for anyone who was interested in learning while I’m on maternity leave.


On top of this, my diary is getting really busy with in-house training ahead of maternity leave.  So, if you would like me to come to your business to deliver training, get in touch asap!!


If you run your own business, you might want to read this…

I’ve been my own boss now for 8 years.  8 years of having to answer to no one but me!!!  And those 8 years have certainly been a rollercoaster and a HUGE learning curve as well.  After two weeks off due to illness and school holidays, it got me thinking today about the pressures of working for yourself and how sometimes it can feel like a huge weight.  So, if you are having/have had one of those days, I thought this might help.

  1. Remember You Are Your Own Boss

Being your own boss is fab isn’t it!  But sometimes, it can be incredibly overwhelming too.  There’s no one there to ask ‘is this the right way to do it?’ or to pass the buck when you need someone else to take the heat off you.  So, instead of getting down about the hard stuff.  Focus on the good stuff!  “I can do this however I want to”.  “No one is watching me to see if I’m up to the job”.  “I did this all on my own and it’s amazing!”.  You are doing a great job!!!


2. You Can’t Do Everything

I’m a sucker for business books/courses/blog posts that give me great ideas about how I can grow my business.  Without trashing them too much (because I am one of those course creators!), you don’t have to do everything!  Pick the ones that will work best for your business.  Maybe give yourself a few things each month to put in to action, rather than trying to do it all at once.  Then give yourself a nice reward when you achieve it.  Also, I’ve found outsourcing to be a godsend!!  And it doesn’t have to be expensive.  I’ve realised that it is far cheaper to pay a bookkeeper than it is to spend the time doing it myself, when I could be billing my clients for that time!  There are also lots of virtual assistants out there who can take on tasks for you by the hour or project.  You can’t do everything, so stop trying!


3. It’s Up To You What To Do

And the great thing is, it’s completely up to you how you run your business.  Some of the most successful businesses started with one woman/man doing it the unconventional way.  You don’t have to follow a formula.  Do it your way!  I sometimes panic that I’m not running my business how others are.  Then I realise it’s my business, so that’s fine!!


4. Enjoy the Flexibility

This has to be one of the biggest advantages of working for yourself right?  After I had my first daughter, I dropped my working days to two days a week (give or take), and have only recently increased that to three days (so long as people stop having events they want me to speak at on Mondays and Fridays!).  It means that I get to drop off and pick up my eldest from school a couple of days a week.  And that I get to spend two extra days a week with my littlest (though don’t get me wrong, work is sometimes a more appealing option than spending the day with a two-year old!!).  It also means that sometimes, I take some time for me.  I go get my hair done.  Or I fit in a gym session in the middle of the day.  It does mean I occasionally have to sit with my laptop on my knee in the evenings, but it is definitely so worth it for the time I get back.  You’ve got to enjoy that freedom (so long as you’ve earned it of course, by being productive in the time you do work!).


5. You Don’t Have To Be Aiming To Be The Next Big Thing

This is also another one I sometimes struggle with.  Other than breaks to have my two kids, I’ve steadily seen my business grow over the 8 years.  But, that growth is relative to where I want my business to be.  I’ll be honest, right now I don’t want to employ anyone.  It works really well for me to outsource what I need to and do the rest myself, without having the headaches that come with employing.  It means my business can’t grow beyond a certain level.  But I’m cool with that!  I’m achieving the success I desire right now, while getting to spend time with my kids, and that’s amazing!

I really hope this gives you a boost if you ever have a ‘why am I doing this?’ day!!

5 Ways To Find Blog Inspiration

If you write a blog for your business, I’m sure you’ve been in the position at least once when you realise you’ve not blogged in ages, and you need to get something out there, but can’t for the life of you think what to write about!!

I definitely suffer from it myself, so thought I’d share with you how I find my inspiration!

  1. Brainstorm

It’s far easier to come up with several ideas at once, than one at a time.  So, I recommend grabbing yourself a large piece of paper and a pen and writing down as many ideas you can think of.  Go in to free flow and write anything you think of.  You might scrap half your ideas, but you’ll be left with a good few you can use.  Start by thinking of a topic area in relation to your business, and the tips you’d share around that topic area, and go from there!


2. Read Blogs

Without a doubt, reading blogs gives me inspiration for my own.  I read a lot of social media blogs (so I can keep up to date, and find good content to share on social media too!).  And they always spark ideas for my own blog posts.  Usually, it’s one point mentioned within a blog that gets me thinking about a blog post.


3. What Do Your Customers Ask?

I also like to think of questions I’ve had that week from my clients or audience at speaking engagements.  If they are asking the questions, then chances are your other customers/clients are want to know the answer too.  So, answer it in a blog post.


4. What Do You Enjoy Writing About Most?

When I lose inspiration, I think of the topics I love writing about.  Even if I’ve written about them before, I write about them again with a different slant.  Usually, my loss of inspiration is a result of not really feeling like writing.  But, once I start talking about my favourite topics, I get empowered to start writing again!


5. What’s Happening In The World Right Now?

Is there something in the news that you could talk about in relation to your business?  Or is there a seasonal event coming up, such as Valentines, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas that you could tie in to a post?  Or is there an International Day of ‘Something’ that you could turn in to a blog post?


If you have a relatively rigid blogging schedule (for example, every week) and feel the pressure to stick to it.  Then don’t!!  Sometimes, it’s better to miss a week than to put a post out for the sake of it with content that just doesn’t hit the mark!

But if it’s just a lack of inspiration stopping you blogging, then definitely give some of the tips above a go!!

5 Things To Do When Launching A New Product/Service

Last week, I launched my new online course The Social Media Super Success Plan and exceeded my sign up targets!

So, I thought I’d share with you some of the things that help lead to a successful launch!

  1. Build Your Email List

I’ve known that I would be releasing this course since around October last year, and that the majority of the launch would take place via email.  My focus from that point was to grow my list.  I’ve always had a side bar capture (see the 50 Things To Say On Social Media box either in the side bar on desktop or when you scroll down on mobile).  And this has generated a good number of email addresses for my list.  But I wanted to step it up.  I started doing more free webinars, with signups having to provide their email address.  I also repurposed one of these webinars, creating a recording that you could receive by filling in a webform (see top bar).  I also added a popup to my site, which has really increased sign ups too!  I grew my list by as many new signups in two months as I had done in the previous 12 months!


2. Run A Competition

A ran a competition the week before the course was due to launch to win one of three free places on the course.  This achieved two things.  Firstly, you had to enter using your email address, so I grew my list again, but this time with people I knew were interested in the course.  Secondly, it allowed me to start talking about the course before it launched, and teasing people that it was soon to launch.  I ran a Facebook Ad for the competition to get it in front of a wider audience.


3. Set A Launch and Finish Date

I talked about the date the course would be available and counted down to it, including in emails (see below!).  The other thing I did for this course was set an end date for signups.  This wouldn’t be applicable to every product or service, but it worked really well for this one.  If I’d kept the course open forever, there wouldn’t have been a deadline to signup to and no rush to get involved!  You could do the same by limiting the availability or having a deadlined offer.  The last day that you could sign up was the one that I got the most signups!  So, it definitely works!


4. Social Media

Of course, social media played a huge part in the actual launch.  I tweeted about it all day on the three days you could sign up and also did daily posts on LinkedIn and Facebook.  I also created some video content about the course, to increase reach.  And I ran a Facebook ad to people who had visited my website and who had watched the competition video.  Social media also played a big part over the months before the launch.  I have been posting more video content to increase my reach and show my expertise, which has lead more people to my website from social media, and to sign up to my lead captures.


5. Emails

In launch week, I sent 6 emails over 5 days.  Some might view this as excessive, but it’s not something I’d do every week and I only had a couple of people unsubscribe from my list.  The first email introduced that I was launching a new product on Wednesday and that I’d let them know more tomorrow (Tuesday).  The second then went through all the details of what the course included and told them what time to expect it to launch the next day.  The following email stated that the course was now live to sign up to.  Thursday’s email answered questions about the course and restated some of the elements of the course.  And, on Friday, the last day for signing up, I sent out two emails.  The first reminded them that it was the last day to sign up and again added in a couple of details about the course.  And the final email was a short one to say there was only two hours left to sign up.  With each email I sent out on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I received at least one sign up.  So long as you’re not bombarding people’s inboxes every week like this, it’s absolutely fine to do it when launching.

So, that’s how I did my launch!  It’s the first time I’ve really planned through a launch rather than just sending out a couple of emails about a course, and it’s definitely something I’ll replicate the next time I release this course or a new one!

My Social Media Focus For 2018

First of all, in case you haven’t heard it enough, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I truly hope this year brings you all the success you desire.

But, of course, success doesn’t just come from desiring it.  It comes from getting stuff done too!  So, I thought I’d share with you what I will mainly be focusing on with my own social media activity in 2018.

It really follows on from what I started to do in 2017 and that is VIDEO!  Video is such an important element of your social media activity now.  I have never seen as much engagement on my social media platforms as I have when I started incorporating video posts on a regular basis.  So, this will be something I’m continuing without a doubt in 2018.

I will be creating videos up to 1 minute long at least 3 times a week, and sharing those videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  The preference would be to have differing content on each of the platforms, but I know I don’t have the time to do that.  Better for me to get as many views of the same video as possible, than restricting those numbers by sharing it on only one platform.

It’s a good idea to add subtitles to your videos, as so many people watch without audio.  To do this, I use an app called Clips to record my videos on my iPhone (unfortunately, I don’t think there is an Android alternative).  This adds the subtitles as you are recording your video.  It doesn’t get them all exactly right, but just go back after and edit any mistakes, and it’s a really quick way of getting subtitles on your video without creating long winded SRT files.

The whole process of creating and uploading a video to each platform takes me about 5 minutes.  Which is why it’s achievable to aim for posting several videos a week.  I aim for a one take video.  They may not be absolutely perfect, but far better to post a good video several times a week, than never post a perfect video because I don’t have time to create it!

Another type of video I’m going to be using in 2018 is more LIVE video!  I ended last year by going live 14 times during December on my Facebook page.  I plan to continue this, but with a more focused approach and a live schedule.  I’m also going to go live more on Twitter, via Periscope, and possibly stream the same live broadcast to both at the same time to compare viewer figures.

And finally, I’m going to start creating some vlogs for YouTube!  For all I was posting short video content direct to my social media platforms last year, I created very little content for YouTube.  I have decided to start doing a weekly blog (video blog), taking you along with me to speaking engagements and training sessions, as well as sharing some social media and small business hints and tips!

That’s a lot of video content!  But video is going to be more key than ever in 2018 and can’t be ignored.  If you’ve never created a video for social media, it’s time to get started.  Believe me, there are very fee people in this world who enjoy being in front of the camera!  But the more you do it, the more you get used to it.  No one will be scrutinising how you look or sound other than you!  They care more about your message.  So, jump out of that comfort zone and hit that record button!

7 Things To Do During The Christmas Wind Down

For some businesses, Christmas time is their craziest time of year.  While for others, it’s the quietest time of the year.  If you’re in the crazy camp, then this post won’t be much use to you (but can be applied at your quieter times).  But for those of you who are currently twiddling your thumbs, I thought I’d suggest a few things you could be doing during this ‘down time’.  December has actually been a busy one for me, but next week gets a little quieter, with only one course to run, so I’ll be putting some of this in to action myself!

1. Evaluate the Year

It’s a really good opportunity to spend time evaluating how 2017 has been for your business.  Do an analysis of all your numbers.  Profit and turnover are the obvious ones.  But what about your email list?  Social media following?  Customer numbers?  Number of new products or services released? And look at what worked well in the year and what didn’t work so well.  Marketing campaigns.  Social media activity.  Which products/services sold best?  And think about the best and worst things that happened in your business this year.  It’s hard to grow moving forward if you don’t know how you’ve previously performed, so this will give you a basis for step 2…

2. Set Your Goals For The Year Ahead

It’s so important to set out your goals for what you want to achieve in the year ahead.  Not just financial but life too, as this will relate to the financial success of your business.  You should also think about the numbers mentioned above too and how you want to grow them, such as your email list and social media following.  Consider the new offerings you want to create and how you want your team to grow.  And set yourself a big scary goal too!  One that will make 2018 the best year ever for you!  It’s been proven that goals are more likely to be achieved if they’re written down, so make the time to write down all of the above.  I have treated myself to this workbook to help my plan for the year.

3. Create Some Content

When we’re in the throws of day-to-day work, it can be hard to find time to create good content for social media.  This time offers you the opportunity to have some content ready and waiting for the new year.  This could be blog posts, videos, images, written updates, GIFs, infographics, or any other form of content that will work well for your business.  You could also create a content calendar for the year, outlining what content you want to be released when through the year.

4. Design a New Product/Service Offering

If you’d love to offer something new to your customers next year, now is a great time to start creating that product or service.  Think about the products and services that worked best in 2017 and how you could advance on those in 2018.  I have a new programme I’m launching in the new year, and I’m going to start recording it next week.

5.Create a Launch Strategy

Now you have your new product or service, you could create a launch strategy for how you’re going to let you customers know about it.  Write emails, social media posts, create videos, and do whatever is included within your launch strategy so it’s all ready to go.  Set the sequence to build up to the launch, and work out how you’re going to wow those who have purchased the product so they talk about it!

6. Learn Something New

I’m a big fan of learning.  It’s definitely been the number one factor in growing my business over the 8 years I’ve been in business (and of course, implementing what I’ve learnt!).  To me, any down time is an opportunity to learn something new.  Grab a book that you know will impact your success in 2018.  Or sign up to an online course and learn about a new topic.  I worked with Fresh Bananas this year on creating a social media marketing module for their online SEO course.  If you want to learn about SEO, with a bit of social media thrown in, then take a look here.  And, obviously, if you’re looking for social media success in 2018, then you need a copy of this book!!

7. Take a Break

Sometimes we can push ourselves too much, and a break is actually a good thing for our business. Christmas is busy enough without adding extra pressure on yourself.  If you’ve had a busy year, but the next couple of weeks are really quiet for you, then relax and enjoy them!  You’ll be ready to hit 2018 refreshed and ready for your best year ever!!!

7 Ways To Be More Productive

I’m an honest person, and so I’m going to hold my hands up and admit that I’ve really struggled for productivity this year.  I will go through phases where I can be really productive and then phases where I will find myself procrastinating all too easily.  As I balance both running a business and raising my two young girls, I don’t work full time each week.  And often my working days are spent out delivering training or speaking at events.  And so, it’s even more important for me to be as productive as possible when I am at my desk.


So, I have committed to being a more productive person and squeezing more out of a day.  You’ll always hear it said that the world’s great entrepreneurs have only 24 hours in a day too, it’s what they do with those 24 hours that counts.  It’s not necessarily about working harder.  Much more about being smart with your time and getting the right stuff done.

So, that being said, I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been doing over the recent months to increase my productivity.  And the impact has honestly been HUGE!


1. GETTING UP AT 5.30am

This is something I’ve done on and off since my second daughter was born 2.5 years ago.  But I would usually allow myself to lie in bed until the girls woke up if one or both of them had had a particularly bad night.  As such, I would very quickly slip out of the habit.  Now, no matter how bad the night is, my alarm goes off at 5.30am and I get up.  This gives me approximately 40 minutes to myself, and occasionally a little longer if I’m lucky, before the house awakens.  This seems to serve two purposes to me.  I have a bit of extra time to do stuff.  Some days I do a workout, if I don’t have a gym session planned that day.  Other days I crack on straight away with some work.  But the other thing I have found is that if I get up at 5.30am and have that bit of time to myself in the morning, I seem to be more productive and alert for the rest of the day.  It’s like 5.30am is my magic wake up time.  And if I lie in bed until 6.15am, or whatever time the ‘mummy’ cries start, my day just doesn’t go the same way.



I’ve read and heard over and over again about the benefits of meditating.  But I’ve never really put the time aside to do it, or to really understand what it involves.  So, I decided to give it a shot.  I now meditate about 5 times a week.  Usually, I fit this in first thing, either after my morning workout, or before I start doing some work.  I only spend 10 minutes but it seems to tune in my head for the day.  I started my downloading the Headspace app and working through the ten free beginners sessions on there.  And now, I search YouTube for 10 minute guided meditations, choosing one that I find fitting for that day, such as anxiety-relief if I’ve got something anxiety-inducing coming up that day, or even productivity if I want to squeeze as much as I can out of the day.  It really does help.  There’s no lotus posing or humming involved!  I just sit on my sofa, focusing on my breathing and listening to the guide.



Each week, I think of the one thing I want to accomplish that week.  It could be to finish a certain piece of work. But mostly, I try to focus this on my marketing, such as creating a new Facebook Ad campaign, or creating a lead capture.  I also then pick one thing each day that I really want to complete, and would be content if it were the only thing that got completed that day.  This usually would align with the one big thing for the week.  Then I get to work on that thing, before moving on to any other tasks.



I have invested in a productivity planner (you can get the one I use here).  I really like the way it’s set up.  You add your one thing for the day, then you add the next more important items you need to complete, then any other items after that.  The book focuses on you working in 25 minute blasts, then having a 5 minute break to make a brew, use the loo, or whatever else you need to do (yes, I purposefully made that rhyme!).  I set the timer on my phone for 25 minutes, and I don’t let myself wander from that task until the 25 minutes is up.  It really does work!  The key with this is to also not create too long a to-do list for each day.  Just focus on the main tasks, and get them done!



When my phone is alongside me, I naturally find myself grabbing for it.  Suddenly, I’ll realise I’m on Instagram, watching Instagram Stories!  Or checking the weather for the rest of the day!  Smartphones really can be such a time drain.  I do have my phone near me, to use it to time my 25 minutes, but it’s in a drawer out of sight, so I don’t keep unconsciously grabbing for it.



This is something I’ve been doing for a while now.  Firstly, I don’t have the notifications on that pop up.  If you’re busy working on a task on your PC, then a little notification appears to say you have an email, your attention is immediately diverted even if you don’t go to read that email.  I also only check emails twice a day, unless there is something incredibly important I’m waiting on.  This frees up so much time, but people still get responses to within a few hours, and I’ve never lost any business as a result.



Social media had to come in there somewhere didn’t it!  The thing is, one of the big push backs I’m often given about social media is how much time it takes.  Yes, there is no magic way to have a great engaging social media presence without spending any time on it.  But then social media is a great way to help grow your business.  Checking emails every 30 minutes is not!  Scheduling definitely helps with this.  I do post a lot of live updates, but mostly I schedule.  I’ve got to admit, this is a breakfast task for me!  While the girls are having their breakfast, I spend 10 minutes having a think about what I want to get out on social media that day.  I also schedule several updates about a blog post as soon as I hit the publish button.  You’ll see a link to this blog post appear several times across my social media.  That’s all scheduled and is a part of my blog writing task.  My scheduling tool of choice is Buffer.


The result on my business on being more productivity has been phenomenal.  Since implementing much of the above, I have had the best months ever in my 8 years of running a business, while still having a couple of days off in the working week with my girls.

How do you make sure you’re more productive and use your 24 hours effectively?


5 Ways To Learn More With Less Time

I love learning.  And I’m sure you do too!  Yet, I feel that so many people miss the, often free, opportunities we are presented with to learn.  I think for the majority this comes down to time.  “I’m already really busy trying to grow my business, how can I possibly make time to learn how?”  Sound familiar?  I thought I’d share with you five ways I learn more without spending time I don’t have on doing it.

5 Ways To Learn More With Less Time

1. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are now my go to when I want to learn something new.  If I’m faced with a challenge in my business, or something I want to achieve, I search the podcast library for the solution.  I often find great new podcast channels as a result.  I don’t then stop what I’m doing and listen to the podcast.  Instead, I save it and then listen to it while I walk the dog.  Or while I’m in the gym.  Or cleaning the house.  The wireless headphones go in, and I listen to the podcast.  It’s amazing what you can learn in a half hour dog walk, and I always get home and have to jot down all the things I want to implement.


2. Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube is definitely another go to for me.  Especially for anything I need to visually learn, such as how to do something online.  I also love watching/listening to TED talks on YouTube, or searching for speeches from business people who inspire me.  Every evening, when I’m cooking dinner, I play a YouTube video at the same time, to learn while I cook!


3. READ Kindle Books

I can’t deny, I absolutely love a proper paperback book.  A Kindle to me just doesn’t beat the feel of a book in my hands.  Yet I still have a Kindle.  It lives in my bag.  And I have the Kindle app on my phone.  For a start, Kindle books are often much cheaper or on special offer, compared to paperbacks.  Many business book authors run 99p promotions for their Kindle book (as you saw me do last week with my book!  The offer is over, but you can still grab the book here if you haven’t already).  But the main bonus for me is that having a Kindle library full of business books means I always have a book with me.  If I’m waiting for someone for a meeting, or I’m sat in the doctors waiting room, or anywhere that I don’t have my computer with me and I bit of time on my hands, I read some of the Kindle book I have on the go at that time.  I also always read before bed, even if it’s just 10 minutes.  And I have been known to pick up my phone and open the Kindle app in the small hours of the morning when sleep is evading me!


4. LISTEN TO Audio Books

I definitely prefer reading to listening to books.  But reading takes a good bit of time commitment.  You can’t really do anything else at the same time.  So, listening to the audio version of the book is often a better option.  As with podcasts, I sometimes listen to audiobooks while walking the dog and doing jobs round the house.  But mostly, I reserve audio books for long car journeys.  Those few hours in the car are no longer wasted, as I’m learning as I travel.


5.  Manage Blog Sites With Feedly

I love reading blogs.  They keep me up to date with the latest goings on in social media.  And also often give me some great business ideas.  There are about 30 blog sites that I really enjoy and get lots from.  I use Feedly to help me keep on top of any new posts from my favourite sites.  Then, each morning, I spend about 10 minutes having a look through new posts of interest.  Feedly is free to use and there is both a browser version and an app.

Learning (and taking action from what you’ve learnt) is such an important part of growing a business.  I really hope I’ve given you an insight in to how you can learn more without spending lots of extra time doing it!  Happy learning!!!

I Wrote A Book!

About a year ago, I read Daniel Priestley’s book – Key Person of Influence. It was an important book for me, as one of my business goals is to be seen as an influential figure in helping businesses grow through using social media. One of the suggestions made in the book was to write a book. And I thought “sure, I’ll do that!”. I remember setting myself the goal to have the book written by Christmas. Oh, how naive I was!

The book took me longer to write than a couple of months. And then, once it was written, there came the task of having my book coach read over it, which then lead to improvements needed. I then had it proof read, formatted, a book cover designed, and had to figure out the world of publishing both a Kindle and paperback version on Amazon.

It’s definitely been a learning curve, but one I have very much enjoyed learning. There is far more to it than I originally thought. Initially, I only focused on the aspect of getting it written, rather than the getting it out there bit!

But written it is. And, I’ve written it in a style in which I enjoy reading business books. One in which you can skip the bits you don’t need to read, and go straight to the sections that matter to you. Where you can quickly find a topic and how to implement it. Or alternatively, where you can read it cover-to-cover.

The book is called ‘Social Media Super Success’. And that is what I hope it brings its readers. It covers everything from picking which platforms your business should be using, to an extensive look at the content you could be sharing, to building your following, advertising on social media, and figuring out if it’s working or not.

And, as it’s launch week, you can get the Kindle version for only 99p until Friday 13th October at 7pm. Just click here to grab your copy (where you can also get the paperback version too if you’d prefer).

I’m so thankful I decided to start on this book-writing journey. And, I may be speaking too soon, but I don’t think it’s going to be my last book!

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Going Outside Your Comfort Zone on Social Media

Whenever I’ve felt a bit scared of doing something in business, I always remind myself that SUCCESS HAPPENS OUTSIDE OF MY COMFORT ZONE.  If success happened easily within our comfort zones, we’d all be experiencing high levels of success.  Instead, we often have to take a leap of faith, or do something that makes our stomach flip, to experience success.


Social media is, of course, no different.  We can play it safe and just post sales messages all the time.  But that is unlikely to allow us the success we could be achieving on social media.  Instead, we need to look at ways to do things that other businesses aren’t, to stand out, and to be different.

Whenever I mention creating video content for social media in my training or talks, it’s often met with mutterings of ‘yeah, right’ and ‘there’s no way I’m putting myself on camera’.  I get it.  Not many people have a deep desire to be on camera (and if they do, they usually find themselves on Big Brother or Love Island or such like!!).  Yet, videos are so successful on social media.  I still cringe every time I hear my husband watching my videos, and tell him to do it when I’m not there.  I hate hearing my voice back!  Yet, I still put videos on social media several times a week, because they lead to great results for my business.

From the reaction to video content, I’m sure you can imagine what reaction I get when I mention live streaming!  Very few businesses embrace live video because it’s scary.  Of course, being live is never going to feel easy.  I’m sure newsreaders and presenters who are live on TV still have a few butterflies before every broadcast.  But the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  And it gets great reach for your content.  It’s authentic.  And, even better, most businesses aren’t doing it.  So it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd!

There’s also a lot of value in being personable on social media.  In showing your face or the faces of the people in your business.  This helps to build trust and relationships and is far more ‘social’ than stock images.  Again, this is something that some people struggle with, getting their face out there. But believe me, no one is scrutinising how you look!  They just like seeing people on social media!

So, it’s time to put your hard hat on and take a big giant leap (or maybe even just a little tiny step) outside of your comfort zone.  You’ll not only find your success is waiting there for you, but you may realise it wasn’t that scary after all.