About Sam

Hi there!  I’m Sam Flynn, a social media speaker, trainer and success maker!!

I speak at business events and train businesses throughout the UK on how to turn your social media activity in to business success!  It always amazes me how few businesses are really seeing the success they desire through social media.  Platforms like, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are so widely used now, it’s my honest belief that, with the right approach, any business can see super success online!

After a carefree childhood on the Isle of Man, I studied Psychology at Durham University.  I then went on to do a Masters in Business Psychology at Manchester Business School, and won the Hatfield Prize for Organisational Psychology.

I started my first business, at the age of 24 – Personnel Surveys.  We project manage the employee survey process for businesses.  I was definitely naive and thought that the phone would start ringing the minute the website went live!  It was then I realised I needed to get marketing savvy!  Social media became a passion, and I began to be asked more in meetings about social media than about surveys!

I invested in a social media course to increase my knowledge and launched Sam Flynn Social Media in 2010.  Social media has changed so much since then, but the approach hasn’t.  It’s still about relationships, and when businesses get that right, they see the success they deserve.  My passion for psychology remains, and I love integrating business psychology in to my training.  After all, social media is all about PEOPLE!

Training naturally lead to more demands to speak at events.  I’ve got to admit, I’m happiest when on a stage!  I really enjoy travelling throughout the UK and beyond to speak at events of all types.  I love engaging with an audience and helping them understand social media beyond the technology.

I can’t wait to see how social media evolves over the coming years, and to help more and more businesses understand how to use it effectively to build their customer base.